Assistive Communication Clinic

Program Description
The Assistive Communication Clinic is an Assistive Devices Program (ADP) expanded level clinic for augmentative and alternative communication. The ACC provides assessment, consultation, intervention and training to assist clients in developing functional face to face and written communication. The ACC team is comprised of Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, a Communicative Disorders Assistant and a Technician.

Eligibility and Admission Process
The ACC serves children from 0 to 21 years of age from Northeastern Ontario whose verbal and/or written communication skills are not meeting their daily needs. A physician’s referral to the clinic at the NEO Kids CTC is required. A background information questionnaire is sent to the parent(s) which is required to plan an appropriate assessment. Relevant medical or therapy reports are also helpful. The ACC team will contact the parent(s) to arrange the assessment appointment which will be held at the NEO Kids Children’s Treatment Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is face to face communication?
It can be communication with the use of facial expressions, gestures, sign language, photos, picture symbols, technical devices and/or speech.

What are Writing aids?
Devices such as computers with adapted hardware and/or software, splints/ pointers/pencil grips etc. to assist in writing or to access computers.

Who should attend the assessment?
Parent(s)/caregiver(s) are required to accompany the child. Other people working closely with the child, such as an educational assistant or therapist, are also welcome.

What should we bring to the assessment?
For all assessments, please bring your child in any special seating used in a normal day, if possible (ex. wheelchair with tray). We would also like to see any picture communication books or devices the child may be already using. Also bring any eyeglasses, splints, pencil grips etc. that are needed to read or work. You may also want to bring a favourite toy or snack as some assessment sessions can be lengthy. For writing aids assessments, it is important to bring your home computer specifications, samples of your child’s printing/writing, any concerns from the teacher and a copy of the school IEP, if possible.

Who pays for the recommended equipment?
The Assistive Devices Program of the provincial government will pay a portion of the cost of approved communication aids that the child is eligible for. If the child/family is receiving government social assistance benefits, the cost of the equipment will be covered upon verification of benefits.

Does the clinic make recommendations to schools?
The clinic team assesses and prescribes communication equipment which will meet the child‘s needs at home as well at school and in the community. It does not prescribe equipment to be used at school only. Consultation is held with school personnel re: the use of augmentative communication at school.

* For more information please contact 705-523-7100 ext. 3550.