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NEO Navigation: Delivering SmartStart Hub Services

NEO Kids Children’s Treatment Centre selected as one of Ontario’s 22 SmartStart Hubs
New initiative responds to parent and family needs

“I believe my child isn’t meeting developmental milestones. Where do I begin?”

Welcome to the SmartStart Hub – a one-stop shop to help families find the help their child may require. Every SmartStart Hub is a clear point of entry to child development services for parents and caregivers who have concerns about the child’s development, who are not sure what services to seek or how to access them.

Kids are eligible from birth to age 19, or 21 if they are in school and live in Ontario. You do not need a diagnosis to access services.
SmartStart Hub services are proudly delivered by the NEO Kids Navigation team. The team works with families to find the services and supports for the child and family that will meet their goals.

We recognize that each family’s life and experience is unique, and that families are experts on their child’s abilities and needs. Services and programs are informed by evidence and best practices, and focus on the child’s and family’s strengths in a friendly, supportive and culturally safe environment.

Please contact NEO Navigation:
Fill out the self-referral form and select SmartStart Hub
Call us at 705-523-7120, press 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SmartStart Hub?  
Ontario’s Children’s Treatment Centres are taking on a new service called SmartStart Hubs.  As SmartStart Hubs, these agencies will be a clear point of entry to services for children and families. Each Hub will bring together local child development professionals, giving families that have a concern about their child’s development seamless connections to assessments and services. 

How does it work?
Anyone with a concern about their child’s development can contact the SmartStart Hub to start the process of assessment. No diagnosis or referral is required. You might call it a one-stop shop for getting help.

What will the SmartStart Hub do for my child? For my family?
Think of the SmartStart Hub as the front door to child development services.  You’ll be warmly greeted, and you’ll have a conversation with a professional about your concerns, your child’s development and strengths, and supports that might be needed. In some cases, we will be able to offer services and programs for your family and your child. Depending on what is recommended, our SmartStart Hub might also connect you with another organization in your area that can provide the needed services. 

If I already have a referral, do I use the SmartStart Hub?
If you have a referral, you might not need the SmartStart Hub. It is primarily a place where families can go when they have questions about their child’s development and need a place to connect for advice and potentially for services.

How do I find the SmartStart Hub in my community?
NEO Kids Children’s Treatment Centre is now a SmartStart Hub for the districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin. SmartStart Hub services are proudly delivered by the NEO Kids Navigation (central intake) team. You can find your local Children’s Treatment Centre on's Children's Rehabilitation Services page

Does my child need a referral to go to a SmartStart Hub?
No referral or diagnosis is necessary. If you have concerns about your child’s development for any reason, you can go directly to the SmartStart Hub that serves your community. Fill out the NEO Kids self-referral form or call us at 705-523-7120 and press 1. You can also access the SmartStart Hub through another service provider in your community, your child’s doctor, your child care provider or your child’s school. 

When will SmartStart Hubs services be available?
All 22 SmartStart Hubs will be set up and delivering services to families by January 2023.

Does my child need a diagnosis to get service at a SmartStart Hub?
Your child does not need a diagnosis to access services through the SmartStart Hub. 

What happens if my child needs services that the SmartStart Hub doesn’t offer?
The SmartStart Hub will connect you with a partner agency that can provide the services your child and family need. The SmartStart Hub is your door to a range of child development services.